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About Us

Max-health Consultant Hospital was established and registered in January 2017 with RC1388334 with the CAC of Nigeria has a limited liability company. The hospital is registered with Health Facility Monitoring and Accreditation Agency (HEFAMAA)with RC No. 221233.

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Why Choose Us

  1. It is an hospital that provides qualitative, empathic, timely and cost effective healthcare services; treating the client as Kings and Queens.
  2. We provide 24hrs emergency medical and surgical care.
  3. We provide specialty clinical service in all our departments.
  4. We provide world class medical laboratory and diagnostic facilities are available 24hrs.
  5. We provide improved HMO service.

Our Clinical Departments

We offer 24hrs of qualitative and comprehensive services in all area of medical field including internal medicine, general surgery, obstetrics & gynaecology, orthopaedics, paediatrics, cardiology, urology, dermatology, pulmonology, dental care, optometry/ophthalmology, and physiotherapy.


Orthopedic Surgeon Clinic


Dental Clinic


Cardiologist Clinic


Ophthalmology Clinic


Dermatologist Clinic


Physiotherapy Clinic

We offer 24hrs of qualitative and comprehensive services in all area of medical field. Do you have questions on your diagnosis test, or feel uncomfortable after a procedure? Anything at all

Customer testimonials

Mrs Joy Bello

I thank God for the Max-health Consultant hospital coming to be established in the diamond estate where I live. When my babies were in fetal distress I had to rush there and being a new hospital in the neighborhood I was initially skeptical but with the neat environment great reception from the staff and the medical director. I went through the process of child delivery via C/S and babies and mother were well and happy.

Mrs Joy Bello

Damilola Cole

The first day I stepped into Maxhealth Consult to register for antenatal care I noticed how neat, polite and professional the staff are, I also experienced utmost care all through my stay during and after delivery. Maxhealth Consult indeed is the place to be for topmost medical care

Mrs Damilola Cole

Mr Olamiju

What first struck me on getting to Max-Health it’s the neat environment coupled with the warm reception i received from staffs and MD of the hospital. The offered services were that touches the heart. The quality of services far exceed the amount that was billed. I thank God for using this great team to keep me standing on my feet today.

Mr Olamiju

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