Need Home Care For Your Aged Parents?

Do you know neglect of your elderly ones is a form of elder abuse regardless of their physical, mental and emotional conditions despite your excuses.

We at max-health knows you are busy and understand that you may not always be there for your elderly ones; and leaving them in the care of house helps who are non professional may expose them to further abuse.

You need not worry further, with a very reasonable amount you can give the best of care and improved quality of life to your frail and elderly ones by employing the services of the professionals at Max-Health Consultant Hospital Limited.

With our network of well motivated professional staffs, we offers comprehensive and compassionate home care services for the your geriatric (aged men and women), stroke patients, diabetics and patients who are bed ridden with debilitating and terminal illnesses.

Our team of experts would visit your home be it on daily basis or alternate day arrangements and even weekends depending on your choice.

During such visits we would bath, keep well Kemp, give psychological care, do wound dressing administer food and give medications to your geriatric ones. weekly, bi-weekly or monthly one of our qualified doctors would do a comprehensive physical and clinical check up on your geriatric and prescribe medications as appropriate for their conditions.

Our certificated and trained Nurses are equipped with skills for Basic Life Support techniques in case of emergencies and can then call on the hospital ambulances for immediate transport to the hospital.

Finally, in case of home death for our terminally ill clients, we take care of the corpse and issue death certificate.

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