Pre-Employment Medical Examination is intended to assess the medical (including physical & mental) fitness for employment and by extension, fitness for specific sets of tasks (Job Description) that the prospective employee would be required to perform.

In other words, pre-employment medical examination helps to determine that a prospective employee is medically fit for employment, medically capable of carrying out specific and pre-determined tasks and that the prospective employee does not pose an obvious health risk to others within the primary place of duty in the process of carrying out his or her duties. It also provides baseline status of relevant health parameters for the individual prospective staff and serves as a reference point later on during the period of employment within the organization.



SECTION A: Questionnaire Assessment and Physical Examination

  1. Full Medical history
  2. Biometrics
  3. Spirometry (Lung Function Test)
  4. Hearing Test – Pure Tone Audiometry
  5. Visual Acuity, Colour Vision Auto-refraction
  6. Dental Examination
  7. Occupational Health Assessment

SECTION B: Laboratory Assessment:

  1. Urinalysis
  2. HB/PCV, Blood Group & Genotype
  3. Cardiovascular status assessment (ECG and Echocardiography if necessary)
  4. Kidney Function test
  5. Liver function test
  6. Diabetes Screening test
  7. Lung function test
  8. Communicable Disease Screening
  9. Prostatic Cancer Screening
  10. Breast Cancer Screening
  11. Cervical Cancer Screening

SECTION C: Physical Examination Assessment

SECTION D: Physician’s review of results, Conclusion and Recommendation


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