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General Consultation

We offer 24hrs of qualitative and comprehensive services in all area of medical field including internal medicine, general surgery, obstetrics & gynaecology, orthopaedics, paediatrics, cardiology, urology, dermatology, pulmonology, dental care, optometry/ophthalmology, and physiotherapy.

Other Clinical Services

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Cardiologist Clinic

We offer regular heart check up and heart related treatment and cure.


Dermatologist Clinic

We offer regular skin check up and skin related treatment and cure.


Dental Clinic

We offer regular Dental check up and Dental related treatment and cure.


Antenatal clinic

We offer regular pregnancy check up and pregnancy related treatment and cure.


Ophthalmology clinic

We offer regular Eye check up and sight related treatment and cure.

Shot of a young smiling physical therapist and his patient

Physiotherapy Clinic

We offer regular Physiotherapy check up and Physio related treatment and cure.


Geriatric & Home care

We offer special health care for elderly clients at Home, which includes regular check ups, nurse supports etc.

general surgery

General Surgeon Clinic

We offer general surgeon clinical service. For further information contact us for details

orthopaedic surgeon

Orthopedic Surgeon Clinic

We offer orthopedic surgeon clinical service. For further information contact us for details

For questions and inquiry on any area of our clinical service. Please call our Hotline on +2347015491005 or the Chief Medical Director on +2348138582086

You can email us on;

info@maxhealthconsultant.com or Maxhealthconsultant247@gmail.com

Clinic Activities